Zach Hyman is a United States born multimedia artist working in photography, video, sculpture, and installation.  Zach is best known for his extensive series of nudes and nude self portraits.  He was born outside of San Francisco and moved all over the United States as a child; from California, to Texas, to Pennsylvania.  He studied acting, movement, and performance for two years at North Carolina School of the arts and then left to pursue photography as an art and career in 2007.  He currently lives and works in Brooklyn NY.  He shares his existence and exploration with his partner and wife, Mariana as well as his two fur children Falafel and Tahini.

     Hyman’s work currently explores the narratives and spaces between reality and non-reality, often times targeting the current visual culture itself. Whether tampering with a serene environment or distorting a figure in real time, and allowing an image’s flaws to build on the final work; he intends to point at common uniform and perfected photographic practices and depart from them by way of analog distortions and alternative techniques. He is attempting to dismantle the visual trends and constructed identities that we so routinely consume and portray through our narrow media scopes. Throughout a majority of his personal work he aims to challenge the idea of “perfection” and identity by inserting aesthetic devices that push the viewer to conjure up their own internal realities. In turn the viewer is faced with the question of what, if anything, is in fact real.

Zach Hyman Selfie